Effortless Email Management: Save as PDF and Print Emails on the Go with Aqua Mail
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Effortless Email Management: Save as PDF and Print Emails on the Go with Aqua Mail

Are you tired of the hassle of transferring emails to your computer just to save or print them? Aqua Mail forges a new path in email management, empowering you to save and print emails directly from your mobile device. Delve into the enhanced convenience and advantages this feature brings to your email experience.

1. Seamless Mobile Email Archiving:

Forget about the traditional route of saving emails on your computer. Aqua Mail lets you effortlessly save crucial emails as PDFs directly from your mobile device, transforming how you archive and manage essential information on the go.

2. Cross-Device Accessibility:

Break free from device limitations. Save emails in PDF format with Aqua Mail and access them seamlessly across your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Your documents are now at your fingertips wherever you go, ensuring a smooth transition between devices.

3. Fortified Security for Sensitive Data:

Security is paramount, especially with confidential business documents. Aqua Mail’s PDF-saving feature provides a secure solution for storing sensitive information, granting you peace of mind in your email communications.

4. Formatting Integrity When Printing:

Printing emails is made hassle-free with Aqua Mail. Enjoy the convenience of printing directly from your mobile device while ensuring that the document’s formatting remains intact. Professionalism is maintained, even when you’re on the move.

5. Effortless Sharing Across Platforms:

Aqua Mail simplifies sharing information. The universal compatibility of PDFs ensures that sharing important emails with colleagues, clients, or collaborators is a breeze. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns – Aqua Mail has you covered.

6. Embrace Sustainability:

Contribute to a greener planet by digitizing your documents. Aqua Mail’s PDF-saving feature aligns with eco-friendly practices, reducing the need for printed copies. Take a step towards sustainability while efficiently managing your documents.

7. Redefined Workflow Efficiency:

Aqua Mail’s PDF-saving and printing feature redefine your email workflow. Save time, enhance productivity, and experience a new level of efficiency in managing your emails directly from your mobile device.


Aqua Mail revolutionizes the power of mobile email management with every new super-handy feature. Save emails as PDFs and print directly from your device—a glimpse into the countless benefits of Aqua Mail for Android and iOS. Embrace a new era of convenience, security, and efficiency in managing your emails, putting control back in your hands.

Unlock the efficiency of email management with Aqua Mail – redefining the way you interact with your emails.


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