Customize Your Priority Notifications in Aqua Mail for Android
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Customize Your Priority Notifications in Aqua Mail for Android

Tailor your email notifications to prioritize what matters most. In Aqua Mail, you have the power to configure your priority notifications, ensuring that crucial emails and messages stand out amidst the rest. Here’s how you can make the most of this feature:

Sender and Domain Preferences: You can specify senders or entire email domains in the app settings to receive priority notifications. This allows you to highlight emails from essential contacts or domains.

Silent Mode Alerts: Aqua Mail lets you enable priority notifications even when the app is in silent mode. Never miss an important message, even in quieter app settings.

Skip Non-Priority Alerts: To declutter your notifications, you have the option to skip alerts for non-priority senders. This ensures that your focus remains on what truly matters.

By making use of priority notifications, you can effectively manage your inbox, stay informed about urgent matters, and maintain control over your email communication.



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