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The story of Aqua Mail begins with an incentive to create the best and most user-friendly email application for Android. Ten years later, our email client is still among the best. We grow and develop together with our users and their needs, we improve and optimize regularly, and we will never stop doing better.

Our vibe

It starts with our passion for quality and performance, and the tremendous respect we share for each committed teammate. We thrive on meeting new challenges and exceeding expectations because at the end of the day users’ feedback is what matters the most.

Our philosophy

If it's free, then you are the product. Think about this when choosing an email client to service your daily communication. Aqua Mail does not collect or store personal or sensitive user and email information.

Our mission

To create a better everyday email experience and help our users to operate their entire email communication the way they like it. We believe, we made Aqua Mail a fast, reliable, and super customizable email app that can enhance everyone's style and way of organizing daily email traffic.
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Our happy clients

Why do people love us?

“Best email app. available bar none. Should you have any questions, the support team is quick to respond. Great support and a great app.“

Marty Smith

Excellent application. Do not hesitate to take the pro version. Very responsive technical team.


“This is the best email app. Easy to use, infinitely customizable, simple and clear layout. I got sick of the layout Gmail forced on me so I use this instead. New emails are clear to find and it’s easy to read. “

Alistair Leckie

“The Best Mailing App Ever. Highly feature rich, smooth performance, nice response to network, excellent interface. Good Job Guys. Two Thumbs Up.”

Surajudeen Adeyemi

“Great app; definately worth the money. Multiple Accounts with easy access, end-to-end-encryption, customized folders and on top many small helpful functionalities” 


“Been using Aqua Mail for years now on different devices and it works perfectly. Never had issues with it. A single app for all email accounts and easy to use and organize.”

Sumit Nelson

Aqua Mail

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