Back up your emails and stop losing your files

Back up your emails and stop losing your files

Aqua Mail is one of the fewest email clients which offers Backup and Restore functionality. With this advanced feature you can back up your accounts, settings, and now all emails even
when connecting POP3 accounts.

Here are several reasons to use the Backup and Restore:

  • Backing up emails is essential if you don’t want to lose your files
  • It’s easy to transfer your messages when migrating to a different email account
  • Protect your emails from a ransomware attack
  • Now you can retrieve your POP3 emails when changing or resetting your device or offload mail to archive elsewhere

Aqua Mail is a non-cloud-based email client. All your backups are stored locally on the device and can be password protected. Just make sure to remember your password because Aqua Mail doesn’t have access to your data and can’t restore it later.

NB: Aqua Mail can help you back up all inboxes with default and custom folders except the Delete, Drafts, and Spam folders.


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