Author Topic: Version 1.17.0-1306 - notifications not working  (Read 6322 times)

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Re: Version 1.17.0-1306 - notifications not working
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Re: I like this app, but I have no notifications as well. Tried every setting possibility..

As usual, "no notifications" can mean different things:

1 - App not checking mail at all (and therefore not showing any notifications)

Please see the FAQ:

"App not checking mail"

2 - App checking mail, receiving mail, but all new messages are already read

"Why are messages loaded using IMAP get marked as read all by theselves?"

3 - App checks mail, gets new mail, messages are unread

I'd say check phone settings -> apps -> tap into Aqua Mail -> make sure that "enable notifications" is turned on
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The official FAQ:

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