If you run into a crash

Crashes are automatically recorded in a crash log, called <code>log-AquaMail-crash.txt</code> and located at the root of your device’s memory card.

Please send it as an attachment to support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com .

This file does not contain any logins or passwords or message text.

Creating a log if something doesn’t work right

In the application’s settings, open "Debug" section (at the bottom) and enable “Debug logging” there. Set “Log output location” to “File (log-AquaMail.txt)”. You will need to enable “Log raw data (include raw session data)” most of the time, if the issue is related to specific message(s) or account(s).

Once logging is enabled, please repeat whatever was causing the issue.

After having done this, please send the log file to support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com (and disable logging afterwards). The log file is called log-AquaMail.txt and is stored at the root of your device’s memory card or large built-in storage.

Attaching logs is easy: there is a menu item for this in the compose window (last one, "Diag: attach logs"), available while logging is still enabled.

The log does not contain your email account passwords.

Getting a message's source code

Sometimes for troubleshooting we may ask for "complete orginal source code of a message".

This is different from just forwarding a message as text (as you normally would) in that it will preserve the message exactly as it's seen by the app on your phone.


  • Open Gmail in a web browser
  • Open your message
  • Click the small arrow icon next to the reply icon
  • Choose Show Original
  • Gmail will open a new browser tab with the message's source code
  • Click "Download Original" link
  • Gmail will save the message to a .txt file
  • Send the file to us as an attachment
Outlook for Windows

  • Click on a message in a message list
  • Find and click "More" next to "Forward" in the top toolbar (aka "ribbon bar")
  • Choose "Forward as attachment" from drop-down menu
  • On the compose screen you will not see any text from the original message...
  • ...this is normal, it will be attached as an .eml file

If you run into an issue with your Pro license verification

You can contact us at support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com .

Occasionally the unlocker reports "No response from Google Play licensing server".

First, this can happen if you copied the Unlocker from another device, using Titanium Backup or similar. To fix, just reinstall the Unlocker from Google Play (it should not ask you to pay again).

Other than that, it's a bug on Google's side, is known affect other apps, but is going unfixed since about April/May 2012. There is a workaround, please contact us at the email above.

How to activate Aqua Mail?

Google Play In-App purchase

You can now make your Aqua Mail Pro version purchase right in the app.

Order processing is handled by Google Play, so it’s secure and convenient. Google will store your order under your device’s Gmail account.

With a new (additional) phone or after a reset to factory settings, when you re-install the free version of Aqua Mail, it will check for any existing In-App purchase and activate to Pro automaticaly.

This is only supported in the Google Play (as opposed to the “direct download”) version of Aqua Mail.

To purchase Pro version without Google Play

If you can use Google Play, we recommend making an In-App purchase directly from Aqua Mail’s “Upgrade to Pro” window.

If you can't, please purchase a “redeem code” on MobiSystems web site

Once you have the code, please enter it in Aqua Mail Settings -> Redeem code

How to activate Pay Pro Unlocker?

The Unlocker app for PayPro Global: version 1.0.30-893
Please use this unlocker app if you previously purchased the Pro version from PayPro Global.

How to activate Google Play Unlocker?

If you purchased the pro version as a separate Pro Unlocker app on Google Play (as opposed to "in-app purchase") - you can install it using this link:

Aqua Mail Pro

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