Author Topic: automaticlly select and send email from account where was email send  (Read 2385 times)


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please i cant remember if i already ask for this and cannot find on internet...

But I know that there was future that aqua mail automaticlly use email account from many accounts in your list when email was received and replay from that specific email account not any MOST USED or preset account as default.

please help me to navigate how to set it.

thanks a lot

Kostya Vasilyev

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First, replying or forwarding uses the account where the original message was received.

Second, if you'd like to set a specific account as the default for new messages -- that's under app settings -> composing and sending

Third, the above will only apply when you click "new message" from the app's main window (account list) or the smart folder.

When you click "new message" from inside a particular folder's message list, then the app will use the respective account (the one which "owns" the folder you're in).
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aa... i am idiot.. and wasting your time :(( again.. i did forget again that i have forwarded emails from one to another so when i did replay on email it us the last email..

aqua mail is all good also you.. mine head is stupid..

sorry to bother..

and thanks for such a perfect email app.. will never use any other crap ;)

have a nice day