Author Topic: Can't expand quoted text when composing reply  (Read 1304 times)


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Can't expand quoted text when composing reply
« on: August 03, 2023, 10:34:51 am »
EDIT/UPDATE: I think I've got this working but it seems that not the entire box containing the 3 dots is responsive. You have to aim for the top edge or corners. The bottom part of the button seems dead, unresponsive.

I've also submitted this in the
bug report section. Don't know if anybody even responds to that anymore. So am asking here if anyone else has had this problem or if I'm missing some setting that would correct it.
   This is the latest v 1.45.2, just updated yesterday.

When replying there are those 3 dots that represent the original mail you're replying to. If you tap those three dots it should expand the quoted text so you can refer to it as you type your reply. That's what happens in every other email app I've tried. But tapping those dots in AM now does absolutely nothing. You can't see the quoted text.

As a matter of fact if you use the return key to move the cursor to a new line, the cursor moves right through and over that three dot box as if it weren't even there!

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