Author Topic: Office365/EWS login problems  (Read 1181 times)


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Office365/EWS login problems
« on: May 24, 2023, 06:27:26 pm »

I am using AquaMail since some years and never had any issues whatsoever. Until roundabout last week.
I have my own domain, hosted by Godaddy.

Last year, it was - much to my regret - converted from IMAP to Office365.
Not funny, but it worked. Until last week.

Since then, I get an "Error checking mail: Login Error HTTP/1.1 401."

The mail server itself is ok. One of the accounts is still fine, but the rest aren't.

I noticed one difference when I open the account setup: The working mailbox displays the mail address, while the others also display the (dotted) password as well as a "client certificate" drop-down box.

All mail accounts are configured as EWS @

I have attached the following screenshots:
"Edit account" dialogue of the working account
"Incoming server" settings of the working account
"Edit account" dialogue if ounce of the not working accounts
Same dialogue, but with popped-out Client certificate dropbox.

Thanks in advance,