Author Topic: AquaMail I love it.. and hate it at the same time  (Read 423 times)


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AquaMail I love it.. and hate it at the same time
« on: May 19, 2023, 12:45:31 pm »
Hi there,

AquaMail is by far the best email client I've used by far for like probably ever... when it works. Very big emphasis on when.

I took an subscription like 10 months ago or something and truth been told I've never had so many issues with email accounts as in the last 10 months, many times more then in all those years before I started using AquaMail. Mainly my 2 Gmail accounts don't seem to want to play nice with AquaMail.

As of yesterday I find it impossible to use one of the two Gmail accounts. I tried deleting the account and set it up again but it just doesn't want to work.

The regular way of setting op Gmail doesn't work because you then get the error that AquaMail is unsafe and blocked.

So I tried the Gmail setup with using app password. The setup goes through without any errors but there are no emails in the inbox. When try to manually sync I get an invalid server something error.

So I tried to set it up using the new way with forced web. Again setup goes through without errors but yet again no emails and when trying to manually sync the same invalid server error.

The time that it works AquaMail is really awesome with tons of options and customizations available. But these constant account issues (mostly Gmail) really make me doubt if I want to extend my subscription once it runs out in a month or 2.

At a point I just want to read and send my emails. Not want to spend hours searching the internet to try to solve another account issue just to have it work for a couple weeks and then it starts all over with yet another (different) account issue.