Author Topic: Inline images removed in "previous text" in replies  (Read 2763 times)


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Inline images removed in "previous text" in replies
« on: October 05, 2022, 03:51:15 am »
Not sure that title is crystal clear, but here's what happens (and BTW this does not happen in Gmail, Outlook, Spark Mail, Edison Mail, or Fastmail):

I will sometimes send app screenshots "inline" in support requests for various apps. I put the images "inline" rather than as just attachments because they illustrate a situation or bug being explained at that point in the text.
   Then when replies and counter replies come  back and forth and I tap the 3 dots to expand the previous text or original messages those inline images are no longer "inline", they have become just plain attachments divorced from their original context. Impossible to know which image goes with which text or what it helped explain.

In all the other email clients I mentioned above all those inline images reappear in the "previous texts/original messages" exactly as they were originally sent, inline.

I've searched for some kind of setting in AquaMail that would fix this but I can't find anything. Perhaps someone knows of a solution.

If this is by design and can't  be changed via settings then I'd suggest a change or new setting be created to keep AquaMail in step with other major email clients.

— And I know I could go back to the original messages in the message list, but then it's hard to match messages with replies.

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