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I have been using your application for about 7 years and I am pretty good about it.  In these 7 years, however, the world has changed and your application has remained the same.  You have made some minor improvements and some other implementations that I personally did not feel the need for (see the file selector which I find really useless).  I believe that nowadays all of us who use it for professional reasons are sometimes forced to organize meetings directly from the phone and in this case using Aqua you cannot do it if not using the reference application of the online meeting.  we each have at least two email addresses and there is no feature in Aqua that shows all incoming messages on the same screen and related folders on the side panel.  personally I can't open certified mail and this forces me to use the PC outside working hours to see what is arrived.  If I save mails on one drive, it saves them as a MSG file and I need another app to view them.  If I save an email as EML with Aqua then it displays them without attachments and I need another app to be able to view them in full.  You can't quote a person in the email and only Outlook does this.  I think they are all shortcomings that are not easy to implement for sure, but at this moment you think that there is no Android application that groups all these functions except nine folders (but you can't quote people) which however has a very slow development and at the moment has other problems in saving emails such as  EML files and a slow download of the message from the server, sometimes exasperating.  Work has changed and a productivity app should change along with the needs of its users.
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