Author Topic: Sync is 4-5min Offset  (Read 83 times)


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Sync is 4-5min Offset
« on: January 08, 2021, 09:18:22 pm »
So i have w imap accounts
i set the sync interval to 3 hours
reference time to 7am
push is disabled
and sync even when auto sync is disabled option

AquaMail 1.27.2-1730

Samsung s10+ Android 10 aqua mail is removed from all battery optimization entries,and all power saving features are disabled on the phone

every time aqua mail syncs it's 4-5min offset (4:05 or 7:05) rarely does it sync on time,today it only hit the sync at 4pm spot on other times it's always off

i read the FAQ and did everything suggested but still cant get it to work on time

is this a known problem? is there anything else i can do?