Author Topic: Gmail. Having android aquamail account without android google account  (Read 158 times)


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When I first add a gmail account to aquamail, I can see that two accounts get created in the android settings: one of type "Aqua mail", one of type "Google". The email works fine. If I delete the google account, the email stops working immediately.

If I do this:
1. backup aquamail settings
2. format phone
3. restore aquamail settings
then the aquamail account reappears, while the google account does not reappear. The email works fine.

Is there a simpler way of having the aqua mail account, while not having the google account?

Having an unnecessary google account, with ALL sync settings disabled, causes a lot of issues; mainly with other apps, like calendar and contact, which continue to read the unsynced google accounts.

Thank for your help!
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