Author Topic: No notification on lockscreen when app is not in foreground (cached background)  (Read 2515 times)


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Lockscreen notification works fine when app is open (in foreground), but as soon as it is closed in the foreground, e.g. by "close all" in the launcher or by the automatic Android memory optimizer and the process changes from "running service" to "cached background service", there is

1. No notification for incoming e-mails on the lockscreen
2. Even when the widget is running, the new e-mail doesn't show up in the widget (on the non-locked screen), only after the update button on the widget has been pressed

Is this a known bug? Other (e-mail) apps that have lockscreen notifications run without problems when they are closed...

I am unsing Android 10 on a Galaxy Note 10 with latest app version. All permissions, user data access etc. are set

Also, it seems the app has no auto-start option at reboot: Is there a way to achieve this?


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Notification sound only sounds 1 time at lockscreen (when app is running in foreground an e-mail arrives) but further e-mails that are coming in while the lock screen is on, do not trigger a notification sound!

How can that be fixed? A badge counter on the lockscreen icon would also be advantageous...

Radoslav Stoyanov

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Android 9 & 10 on Samsung devices requires a complex set of options to be enabled so you get notifications properly.

1. Device Settings > Notifications > See All (if needed) > locate Aqua Mail > tap the Toggle switch to enable
2. Then tap on Aqua Mail > in the next window > enable "App icon badges"
3. Then tap on the General notifications tab > in the next window manage the style notification specifics
4. Go to Settings > Device care > Battery > Options (this will appear as three dots in the top right corner) > Settings > Sleeping apps and check if Aqua Mail is there.

Make sure to exclude Aqua Mail from any battery optimizer that may be running.

One last thing to check in the Notification Settings for Aqua Mail is the app's Priority / Importance. Depending on device manufacturer this setting is called differently, but it should be set to High importance.


AquaMail QA Team


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Thanks for your answer!

As mentioned above, I have made all notification settings and battery savings exemptions for this app.

It has to do with the background process, that is not working properly. If the app is in the foreground, it shows the notifications...

Notifications from other e-mail apps work fine in the background..