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A thought on profile icons
« on: June 06, 2020, 09:38:00 am »
It is not possible to manually change a profile icon shown. I read on this forum the algorithm to determine a profile icon and how it resorts to using the picture in your contacts if the account itself does not provide a profile picture .. So I end up with the same icon for everything but gmail.

I find this a very strange algorithm and will explain why:

I am using aqua mail with different accounts on my phone but all of them are "me" in different situations. It is dries@work, dries@home, dries@organisation-I-volunteer-for. In my phone I have a contact dries with all the contact details:home phone, work phone work address work email, home email, home phone, etc. . Because basically that's all me...

And because of that aqua mail decides all of the emails addresses that it cannot find a profile picture for should use the picture of my contact dries... This means you will always end up with the same icon....

One could argue, this would not happen if you keep your own contact details out of ypur address book, but in that case aqua mail would resort to "no account icon" and just show a color.

So to me it means it would make more sense if I could actually "set" a profile icon.

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