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Error while syncing Exchange Calendar
« on: May 29, 2020, 12:01:09 am »
Hi all.

I'm new in this forum and I want to say "hello" to everybody.  :D :D

I own Aqua Mail Pro and configured the Companies Microsoft Exchange account. Mail and Contacts are synced without a issue. But I don't get the sync of the calendar working.

In the android account settings there is an exclamation mark in the calendar switch and below android states: "Derzeit treten Synchronisierungsprobleme auf. Vorgang wird vorerst zurückgestellt". (Sorry for the german, but it's the original text)
It means that there are sync issues and the sync is deferred.

In the adb logcat there are the following errors logged:

05-28 22:05:30.227   5992   6454   system_server   W   SyncManager   failed sync operation JobId=106952 ***/org.kman.AquaMail.ews u0 [] USER ExpectedIn=0s EXPEDITED Reason=10103, SyncResult: databaseError: true stats []

05-28 22:05:30.227   5992   6454   system_server   E   SyncManager   not retrying sync operation because the error is a hard error: JobId=106952 ***/org.kman.AquaMail.ews u0 [] USER ExpectedIn=0s EXPEDITED Reason=10103 Retries=1

Before AquaMail Pro I had the Samsung Email client installed where the sync with the exchange server works without a problem.

Please, can someone help me to get the MS Exchange Calendar sync working with AquaMail Pro

Kind regards,