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Severe battery drain observed
« on: December 11, 2019, 08:08:58 pm »

I'm a new user to Aqua, just installed it a week ago to monitor my work mail account (exchange). I'm evaluating several clients to select and purchase the better one, and very few - Aqua among them - manages to bypass company portal installation requirements. HW is Xiaomi Mi9T PRO, fresh new one.
Mail account is quite big (just an Inbox having beyond 5000 messages) so I expected some load on battery. However what I observe is a really severe drain so decided to open a topic here. I did some settings tuning that I thought will decrease a usage to some extent (there is no push on a free version anyway), set mail checking once a 20 min, but nothing helped.
For now I see 25% usage on a phone that have several dozens other apps and is barely used. Other 2 accounts (significantely smaller ones) are using Outlook, and it is only 3.5% of battery usage. Phone does not have SIM yet but is permanent connected to WiFi.

Could you take a look at a setup and point me to possible culprit ? generally app is great and has superb design and capabilities, however with such drain on idle mode I don't believe I can go with it by default.

Posting several pictures with current setup.

Thank you in advance, hope there is something that can cure this.

- Vlad