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Sync problems
« on: November 28, 2019, 02:53:43 pm »
I'm using Gmail and all my folders are set to sync.

When I delete a message it get moved to Deleted.
If I delete it from deleted it's not removed from All mail.
Especially All mail on my phone (in AM) gets way out of sync with Google.
The past month I've regulary been manually deleting left behind junk from both Gmail and GM.
No setting seems to work.

Another weird thing is that I have two Trash folders and one deleted folder. Two sent folders. Two Drafts folders.
When I delete a message it doesn't show up in all trash/deleted folder. Yes, I can hide some, but why they even exist? Besides I can't hide all but one because the one I can't hide never shows deleted messages.

What's going on here?