Author Topic: deleting permanently in AQmail strips their labels off but does not delete them.  (Read 2047 times)


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Permanently deleting messages in Aquamail seems to strip the label(s) from messages and they accumulate in gmail and can be viewed by searching in gmail using has:nouserlabels   Sending them first to trash, then deleting permanently from within windows or online in gmail causes the messages to be deleted permanently instead of stripping the labels off.

Em Client, a windows 3rd party client allows permanent deletion, without using the trash and its deletions are permanent.

I just filtered items in gmail online using has:nouserlabels and with a few tricks deleted 2000 emails which were stored unlabeled.
I'm returning the setting in aquamail to trash stuff first and then doing the permanent deletions in windows or online.

More:  I have never tried another client app in Android to see if permanently deleting with the app, either immediately or after moving to the deleted folder, just strips off the label and leaves it on the server in that state.  The windows clients seem to cause the messages to be annihilated, but any step to permanently delete at any point, seems to leave it on the server, unlabeled.  For me, the answer is to move the message to the delete folder  in AQmail and delete it within windows at a later time.  But if this is a behavior unique to android and other apps, I am curious why? or why just Aquamail?
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