Author Topic: Problem affects both identity and sent mail  (Read 153 times)


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Problem affects both identity and sent mail
« on: April 10, 2019, 12:13:08 pm »
I have recently changed from using POP to IMAP.  I had a POP account set up on my phone and have added an IMAP account..  Same on my tablet.  I don't use the POP accounts now, they are just there for looking at old emails.
I had several identities set up on the POP accounts but on my phone I had not set up any identities on the IMAP account.  However I found that mail sent from the phone IMAP was coming from one of the identities set up in the POP account, not the main usename.  Also it was not appearing in sent mail although it was set to save there and synchronise.
So, I set up an identity for my main username that was already set for logging in to the server.  Mail sent from the ohone IMAP account now comes from this address (envelope) and also saves in the sent mail folder. 
I did not change any other settings that should affect the sent mail folder.but I have checked that the settings were already correct.

Tony Woolf