Author Topic: sick of K-9, looking for a new daily  (Read 1783 times)


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sick of K-9, looking for a new daily
« on: January 06, 2019, 05:49:10 am »
I'm sick of K-9.. mostly bugs that impact me daily.  It's been a great client for 10 years... but I have to move on.  And in my search, I came across AquaMail!

It seems very featureful.. and quite powerful... and while it is more configurable and powerful than K-9, it's missing a couple of features I need.

#1  Per folder notification settings.


** I have an email account where everything gets shuttled into folders via either procmail, or postfix '+' usage

In that case, I'd like to setup different sounds for different clients, and only have certain clients as 'emergency' clients

I also have a 'page' account, that should notify 24x7.. it's for downed services

Now.. I can solve the 'page' account bit with a separate email account, but that still leaves me with customer folders I need to automatically poll, but may or may not want alerts for...

K-9 allows for this, EG only notifying certain folders.

#2 Editing email aliases

I don't have the pro version, so I don't know how easy it is to setup aliases.  However, I prefer to be able to enter whatever alias I wish... to just edit the 'From' field as I desire.   My current desktop client "Claws" allows for this, and it can be incredibly useful.  Think of it as an identity, that you may only use once or twice.. ever.

And therefore this is something I'm missing from an Android client.

Now if adding an identity is just 'Add" then type the email address, maybe it's not so bad.  But if you have to type 5 or 6 fields, or if you have to click several submenus to add new identities, then you can see why just changing the FROM field manually is handy.