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Undoing edits
« on: May 30, 2018, 02:04:51 am »
I'm used to being able to do ctrl-Z to undo an edit.  Usually the problem is that I have deleted more than I want to and ctrl-Z would put it back, but I've not found a way do to that in Aqua.  Right now, all I can figure to do is cancel the reply and start over...

Along the same lines, when Aqua includes the replied-to message, it demarks it with (internet standard!) ">"s in the plain text section and some kind of vertical bars in the formatted section.   Can I add them by hand?  The kind of thing I'm talking about is something like: "> what's your phone number... and can you be by at 7" and I'd often edit it to something like:
>  what's your phone number
    [phone #]
> ... and can you be by at 7
   No, figure me for 7:30

I don't know how to put the 'included context" indicator on that second line.


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Re: Undoing edits
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2018, 11:41:01 am »

Version 1.14 has a new text editor (on the compose screen) with these new features suggested by users:
– Lists (with bullets or numbers)
– Paragraph alignment (left / center / right)
– When replying, editing the “original” preserves all formatting, even

When replying or forwarding, the original message is shown as “( … )”

If you just type your new text and tap Send, the original message will be inserted where the “( … )” placeholder was.

To delete the original message just put the cursor on the next line and tap Backspace on the soft keyboard – i.e. this works just like deleting text.

To “expand” the original message for editing just tap the “( … )”. This will keep all the formatting of the original and it’ll be editable as well.

If you prefer, you can turn off the new editor in app settings - composing and sending and the app will use the old editor that you're already familiar with.

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Re: Undoing edits
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2018, 07:06:11 pm »
Re: Can I add them by hand?  The kind of thing I'm talking about is something like: "> what's your phone number...

In plain text mode, you can add ">"'s by hand - how this gets displayed is up to the receiving email app.

In formatted text mode, there are icons to indent / un-indent a block - it's right after "lists" icons (in the new editor only). Sorry there is no "quote" button.
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