Author Topic: Upcoming changes with Google OAuth - will that affect Aquamail?  (Read 1742 times)


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I am sure you are aware of the upcoming changes with Google OAuth as related to authentication via WebView.

How will this affect Aquamail's Gmail accounts that are using OAuth (not via the system Google Account but via the built-in mechanism)? Is the current built-in mechanism for OAuth using WebView? If yes, - does that mean that users would be forced to move to the system-based Google Account, or is there an alternative to use a different library within the app? (I am confused based on the linked G. blogpost as well as secondary information sources.)

PS. Is the recent change  "Google Auth: used for Gmail OAUTH2, hopefully resolves the "OAUTH2 network error" that happens on some mobile networks" related to this?;topicseen#msg33244

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Re: Upcoming changes with Google OAuth - will that affect Aquamail?
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Yes I've been aware of it for some time.

No Aqua Mail will not stop working on April 20 and nothing else will change either.

No it's not related to the change you mentioned, that one is for an an apparent bug in Google Play Services (which fails with a network error when asked for an OAUTH2 token, on some mobile networks).
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