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Translations - suggestions, corrections, etc.
« on: December 04, 2016, 08:31:25 pm »
Update December 4, 2016:

1. Translations are now handled by MobiSystems, this will make sure that they all stay current and equally complete (but they may not be in every build posted on the forum).

Suggestions for "a better way to translate this phrase here or that one there" are accepted, but --

-- please only do so if you're OK with MobiSystems (not Kostya Vasilyev personally) using your suggested changes.

2. I've "locked" all the old forum topics where translation work was happening before (my posting missing items and people posting their translations), to avoid confusion.

3. To propose an improvement, please make a new topic for your language, something like "language name - improvements" (or suggestions, or whatever) and post them there.

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