Author Topic: Feel Better Kostya  (Read 4520 times)


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Feel Better Kostya
« on: January 22, 2013, 03:07:09 am »
Have noticed that you have been absent from the forum and then saw the announcement you got a severe flu.

I am certain I speak for everyone when I say I hope you get better soon.

Appreciate all the work and upgrades you put into this great email program.  You get a lot of requests on this site to add things, but often you take those requests under advisement and we generally see huge improvements with each new update.

Thanks for keeping Aqua Mail a step ahead of the other email clients


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Re: Feel Better Kostya
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2013, 03:30:38 am »
I too wish you a fast recovery from the pneumonia, I know out of experience how much this sucks  :-\