Author Topic: Please help - gmail quit working  (Read 3257 times)


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Please help - gmail quit working
« on: May 03, 2015, 04:45:52 am »
I'm not a techie with apps at all. I know html and web stuff but not apps and mail and stuff, so please help!
I have used the aquamail pro for months with no problem.
Suddenly gmail quit working. My other yahoo accounts all work fine.
I have tried deleting gmail from aquamail and re-adding it.
I have double, no triple-checked my username and password and yet I keep getting this:

"Account Check error

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) Error connecting.

Please make sure the data is correct."

So please help me fix this! I want my gmail back on my phone and tablet! (Yes both quit working!)
(Samsung ProTab4 tablet and Samsung cheapie Galaxy Exhibit phone.)