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Aqua UI
« on: January 21, 2013, 12:14:05 pm »
1. Main window: I found the new mails button definitely to tiny (the blue one with number of unread mails - see screenshot). When try to press it I often activate synchro process (by pressing the synchro button) instead show new mails. I'd suggest to enlarge it three time as big...

2. Notifications. I'd like to see settings to configure what the notification entry should contains (sender, mail account name, date&time, title, font size, compact/full details, etc. Also the action should be settable (what view should be opened after pressing the notification - I'd like Aqua opens accounts view for me to see what account mails come to). It is especially important for users have many accounts when they check mails morning and have a dozen or so new mails comes on many accounts... (second attachement)

AquaMail has 99% of the features I expect and is the best client I've tested, so keep it up  :)
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