Author Topic: Cannot Reply to a Particular Email Address  (Read 1691 times)


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Cannot Reply to a Particular Email Address
« on: February 17, 2015, 09:05:30 pm »
I use AquaMail Pro on a 5 yo T-Mobile Motorola phone running Android 2.2.1. About says IMAP+SMTP+POP3+EWS.

I've replied to hundreds of emails over the past year, but there's one email address that I receive email from that I cannot reply to. If I click Reply, the screen does look like it's attempting to open a reply session (screen goes black, etc) but it returns to the email. This all happens within 5 secs. Same happens with Reply All and Forward, but if I Reply As New it works fine. So it seems the problem is really related to trying to start a reply that quotes the original email. The email size doesn't seem to be a factor - small or large emails have same problem. The email doesn't appear to have any embedded graphics, just links and phone numbers. I am able to reply from my laptop using Outlook.

I have the latest system update. I have power cycled the phone.

I have Debug Logging ON; Output To Logcat; Log Raw Data ON; Log Database Data ON. Where can I find logs? When I use FileManager I only see one AquaMail crash log from six months ago.

Any ideas?



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Re: Cannot Reply to a Particular Email Address
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2015, 01:47:20 am »
Alright, you're moving in the right direction with the debug log, but:

>> Output To Logcat

Change to Output to a file (log-AquaMail.txt) and redo the sequence.

Then the "flight recorder" log will sit right alongside the postmortem one.
Creating debug logs for diagnostics:

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