Author Topic: Storage on Android devices, law suit case against Apple  (Read 2697 times)


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Storage on Android devices, law suit case against Apple
« on: January 02, 2015, 09:14:06 pm »


You may remember our brief conversation in a different thread/forum about what is considered to be what type of storage on Android phones.
I am more and more convinced that what my phone refers to as "SD card" under Settings -> Storage -> [particular app], - is the microSD card. On this phone (Droid Razr M, now 2+ y.o. model), a bunch of things are modified from the "stock" Android. In particular, the option of App2SD for apps is forbidden ( on 4.1.* and 4.2.*). So, one cannot install apps on the extrernal microSD card (on the unrooted phone), even those that are designed with that capability.

Speaking of the storage, - I thought you might be amused to read that there is a class-action law suit filed against Apple for deceiving advertisement with respect to the storage space available on the iPhones:
I think, Android devices (at least phones, and I can speak of those for Verizon in the US), - are also guilty of some of those sins.