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Re: changes between AW 1.5 and 2.0, Gmail notifications acting same as Aqua's

Thanks for the clarification - so Google made an "improvement" here and made it less usable. OK.

Re: high priority notifications from messages with priority flag set

No we don't "connect" the two in Aqua Mail - the "use priority notifications" (also called "heads up") setting always has an effect when it's on, and is always off when it's off (pardon the unclear wording, but I think you know what I mean).

Re: repeat notification after a "mark read" on the other device

It notifies about same message? Which is now "read" (or maybe when it does, the message isn't "read" yet? in which case, what is it syncing?)

Does this happen if you swipe off the notification about this particular message on "device 1" (and let's call the device where you marked read - "device 2")?

Or even if you don't?

I'm quite sure we never show an already-showing notification again - if it's a "child" notification (not the top level "you have N new / unread messages", but rather an individual message's "card" == "child").

But for a notification "about" just one message - there is only one notification too, there is no "parent" ("N new / unread messages") vs. "child" ("message 1", "message 2", "... message N") distinction.

I'd appreciate any clarification / pattern you may happen to observe here.
Things seem to have settled down a bit. Notifications on the watch are a little more predictable. I'm not certain if I changed a setting, or if I just wasn't doing something right. Notifications still don't display automatically, but other things are working. I haven't been seeing the problem of not being able to swipe away a notification. They come back, but only if I haven't read the associated email when another arrives. And the high priority setting has come in handy once I noticed that it can be enabled per account, not just at the global level. I would still pefer more granular control, but it's better. All in all, I'm using at least 3 different apps to get the notifications that I want. Feel the Wear, which vibrates the watch using custom patterns for a lot of different triggers, Tasker with the AquaMail plugin, and AquaMail itself. It's not perfect, but it's getting close.

Scott M.

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