Author Topic: Expanded account list - Shows everything for all accounts in a special folder  (Read 398 times)


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I have been using Aqua Mail for several years now.
I've been missing something for a long time.

Under the Smartbox you can add the drafts of all accounts.

As I have several accounts, I would like to do this for all of them.

- Inboxes
- Outgoing mail
- Sent
- Deleted
- Drafts ✓
- Spam
- Unread
- With flag

want to have displayed.

Is that possible?

Martin Kostov - Aqua Mail Support

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Hello hEnRy, :)

We appreciate your input, and we're actively exploring the possibility of incorporating this feature into a future version of Aqua Mail. However, I'm unable to provide a precise timeline for its implementation at this moment, as we're evaluating various factors.