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Bug/Feature list tracker
« on: December 13, 2013, 07:05:41 am »
Just a thought here, but have you pondered upon implanting a publically accessible bug/feature tracker to allow folk to see what's who and where's that?

Dunno if it would be more trouble than its worth, but having implemented TFS at work I do find it very useful to keep people informed without having to actually do much.

Like I say, just a thought is all...

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Re: Bug/Feature list tracker
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2013, 04:40:55 pm »
It's a nice idea but it requires work and having already a forum it might be duplicating responses/tasks.

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Re: Bug/Feature list tracker
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2013, 08:25:05 am »
Not duplicate, compliment.

I've noticed a number of different folk asking for the same features which then leads to people everywhere posting duplicate 'I wanna' messages.

In addition it may help with folk being able to see what Kostya is working on, what's queued, what's not going in etc.

As for complexity, I'd have thunked that there's enough PHP based bugtrackers etc. around that setting one up wouldn't take that much time.

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Kostya Vasilyev

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Re: Bug/Feature list tracker
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2013, 01:22:27 am »
My take is:

People who ask about same things without using forum search or the FAQ will continue to do it.

A feature request system will be dominated by "we want swipe everywhere", "why doesn't this look like the iPhone", and "how come it doesn't do X which app Z has".

Bugs - I fix them as they're reported, if I can... or write them down if they can't be addressed immediately.

For shits and giggles, here is my "list of potential work items".

Only the first dozen or so items are prioritized, the rest is pretty much a dark rathole. Sorry, some of them are in my native language.

-   Drawer layout

-   Notify about new messages, not all unread

-   Swipe to delete, etc. in messaage list

-   WebView 4.4
      ->   "embedded title view" broken in 4.4
      ->    text selection handles disappear when scrolling and don't reappear (fixed in 4.4.2)

-   CONDSTORE in IDLE for Gmail

-   Fix thread race between ImapIdleManager synchronized(this) and ImapCmd_IDLE mDoneCompleted.await
      -> call refresh outside the synchronized block
      -> move command.refresh outside task.refresh outside of synchronized block
      -> use "ticket tokens" to avoid a thread race

-   Maybe use API8 SSL factories (with caching), like for EWS

-   Reading confirmation receipt

-   SmartWatch - delete

-   A per-account setting to include in event based sync

-   A setting to not float the format bar

-   Menu item to "insert all recipients" to turn "Reply" to "Reply all" or change the
      default reply icon's action

-   Sound if message is deleted, when deferred sound is on

-   Indent folders relative to accounts in the account list (as a setting)

-   Hebrew text not showing in dark theme, re: he-1.html, he-2.html, he-3.html in AquaMail/notes

-   Restore (update) account settings for existing accounts

-   Tasker action to mark read

-   Подстановка адреса в приветствие (Hello, %username%)

-   Delivery notification request (not just read request)

-   XOAUTH authentication for GMail:

-   iCal - other

      - Support updated calendar entries
      - Support meeting cancellations
      - Support recurring meetings
      - Support for singular meeting changes. E.g., I have a recurrence setup weekly for 10
         weeks, every Monday. This week, Monday is a holiday and I can change it to Tuesday
         (just this occurrence) - support updating such entries

      On calendar processing until now - my personal favorite in play store is
      "Invitation Processor Pro" / "Invitation Processor Free" - it is near perfection in
      terms of timezone mappings. Most other calendar processors have failed.

-   More colors for folders

-   Per-account color (easy setting when there are many folders)

-   Per-account colored notification icons (to tell which has unread without pulling down)

-   Two panel mode: accidental taps on account list (on the left) can reset selection

-   Polish (?)

   I found a little bug in decryption of the aqua mail pro key:
   It contain pharse from lite version: "this is lite version witth limited features"
   (or smth similar, coz dec is translated to my local language)

   Delete whole segment which start and end with *****. The first sentence on it is
   "To jest wersja lite, która:" which means "this is lite version, which:"

-   A setting to show/hide Special folders

-   Full screen "zoom" button shold always float, and fade out

-   "Share/Send to calendar" for Sent messages

-   Launcher shortcut pointing to account / folder

-   "Archive" for Gmail in message list action mode

-   "Archive now" for Gmail when viewing a message, extra menu item

-   Search in Smart Inbox

-   Unhide in Smart Inbox

-   QuickContactBadge for sent messages

-   Menu changes: per Sylvian, and on phones in landscape mode: the Message View menu is too tall, scrolls

      French for "More..." -> "Plus..."

-   S4, indentation

-   PGP?

-   "Hide all" in [ Deleted ]?

-   Шифровать пин-код

-   Do not report "SSL error" when the connection can't be established

-   Tasker - mark all read in all accounts or a specific account.

-   Limit stored emails by age/day instead of number
-   Show referenced messages only from contacts.

-   Еще в последнее время хочется видеть раскрытой не более одной учетки. То есть, если открываешь вторую, то первая сворачивается

-   "Special settings", "Custom sync frequency" - using 2hrs instead of 2 minutes (???)

-   Yahoo: disposable addresses

-   Different smart period setting for widget vs. app

-   Being able to delete cached attachments

-   Being able to send ("share") message text + all attachments (SEND_MULTIPLE)

-   Sort folders in the account list.

-   Mark all read (per folder or account) from the widget.

-   A setting to not show total (server) message counts

-   Pinch zoom to adjust font sizes

-   feature request that is Saving sent messages option is displayed in  every new or reply or
   forward messages. This way one can choose the specific message is saved or not

-   Все письма у меня на одно лицо в списке, вышел из письма и хоть на пальцах считай с каким ты сейчас работал
   Нельзя ли как-то добавить в программу курсор , или он есть и я чего-то недопонял
-   User-settable "quote" header

-   Mark all read from message list widget

-   TO / CC / BCC in message list like in InnoMail

-   "Do not send" in message list action mode menu is missing an icon

-   Sync on folder open

-   Keep "send" error notifications longer, until message is sent

-   Per-account PIN code

-   Setting to disable message list checkboxes

-   Single button "Archive" for Gmail

-   Per-message "save" and "sync" control for sent messages

-   More folder colors, use Holo palette

-   Show selected folders near the top of the account list, maybe under Smart Inbox

-   Automatic draft saving (to avoid loss due to spell checker or something else crashing)

-   Easier forward to a starred contact.


-   4.1 notifications: move to folder (?), mark as spam

-   Search by sender:

      Mark a message in the mail list view. Press the option button.
      Click on "Search sender". Aqua would search all mails (Imap search) with the same sender address.

-   Widget: chooseable font would be better. or even a chooseable size

-   Settings to choose reply all / forward vs. prev/next vs. move in message display shard

-   Exclude self address from notifications

-   Make possible to copy recipient emails out of sent messages

-   "Resend" messages

-   Faster smart inbox and aggregated account query

-   Sort folders: special on top.

-   Easier (buttons) way to change message list sort order, at least on tablet devices.

-   хотелось бы использовать графический ключ при доступе

-   Автоматический повтор проверки почты если была потеряна связь или еще что-то

-   Размер шрифта в меню (Андроид 2.*)

-   Per-account night and weekend modes

-   при выборе папки для сохранения вложенных файлов можно было бы создать новую папку

-   Night and weekend modes to change sync frequency

-   Color labels for sent / deleted / drafts (off by default)

-   "Share" for attachments

-   LED timings (not just default 5 seconds off / 1 on).

-   Account setup: check both "user@server" and "user" in account setup.

-   Use a special sound for messages from paricular addresses.

-   Widget: cyan icon

-   Multiple SMTP servers
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Re: Bug/Feature list tracker
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2013, 02:46:22 am »
Now I know why Santa Claus needs to send you more hands or more hours for your day.

Happy Christmas.



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Re: Bug/Feature list tracker
« Reply #5 on: January 30, 2014, 09:18:07 am »
You may want to keep this list reasonably up to date and make it easier to find. Yes, those who are lazy will still ask first... but others do their due diligence upfront and will not bother you if they can help themselves. For instance, I a see a couple of features I was wondering about on your to-do list, so there is no longer a reason for me to ask about them, thus saving time for both of us. Thank you for the huge effort you are putting into AM.