Author Topic: New e-mail counter in launcher iconfor the botton lineon desktop  (Read 4347 times)


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Is it possible to add a counter for new/unread e-mails for the launcher icon?
It is not possible to put the widget in the Launcher bar on bottom of the desktop by Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Re: New e-mail counter in launcher iconfor the botton lineon desktop
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2013, 05:30:07 pm »
Please see the FAQ on the main site and/or search the forum.

How can I display the unread message count on the app icon?

Android provides no way to do this that’s 1) standard 2) accessible to third party apps.

Samsung, HTC, Sony have this feature only for their own apps built into the device’s formware, and only when using their own launcher (also built in).

This leaves two options:

- Using the AquaMail’s “message counter” widget, which has theming and can be configured to “point to” a specific account or a folder. You can find it in the same place as all other widgets (this differs between Android 2.* and 3-4.*, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet if you need one).

- Switch to using a third party launcher that has this capability. My app supports the two big ones: Apex Launcher Pro (you will need to enable “External notifiers” in its settings, under Advanced), and Nova Launcher Prime.
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