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Multiple smart inboxes
« on: August 14, 2013, 09:52:12 am »
Hi Kostya,

First of all, as a newcomer to Android from iPad, I can say it took my a while to find a great (not good, but great) an email client. Aqua-mail basically is the one, and I was happy to purchase a Pro version. It beats the pants off iOS mail app :)

Anyway, one feature that would be great to have, is the ability to make multiple smart inboxes. Basically, similar to the current Smart Inbox functionality, but enabling to have more than one. The rationale for this is that if one, like me, has have a dozen of IMAP accounts, it will be helpful to merge a couple into one Smart inbox, another couple into another smart inbox, say with different sorting options.. and have then displayed, especially, in the widget on the home scree.. Etc.
Of course, if multiple Smart Inboxes will be possible, it would be great to have an option to rename them (as far as they'll be somehow marked that an inbox is a "Smart" one)

Hope this makes sense. I browsed through the forum, but wasn't able to find this-type of feature requests (or may be I did not search thoroughly enough).

Thanks for a great app, and I hope you consider this request.