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I have AquaMail Pro and it has worked beautifully until the past couple of days.  Sporadically, and for a good portion of the day, the Yahoo accounts will render an error:  "Incoming server login error: NO Incorrect username or password. (error 999)" This seems to occur more frequently when I am not connected to WiFi.  I completely disabled WiFi connection just now, and am successfully receiving emails at the moment, so it's not necessarily a WiFi issue.

I tried the Yahoo Mail app and the emails are delivered regardless of WiFi or TMobile network connection.  No other email accounts (I have multiple GoDaddy and Gmail accounts also) are having issues.

Incoming Server name:
Security SSL strict check
Server port 993
Folder prefix automatic
Outgoing Server SMTP server:
Security type SSL strict check
Server port 465
Authorization: choose automatically

Please advise.  Thank you in advance!


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Error 999 is a error message without a specification which happenes when Yahoo can not resolve the reason.
The most common reason for receiving Yahoo Error 999 is due to some sort of bandwidth limiting system that Yahoo has put in place on their servers. Once you have exceeded your allotted bandwidth for a specific period of time Yahoo gives you this Error 999 message and doesn't allow you to access the service.

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:
Incoming Port: 993 with SSL
Outgoing Port: 465 with SSL or port 587 with SSL/TLS
Note: It is necessary to enable SSL or TLS for Outgoing SMTP port.
Username: full email address (for example,
Password: the password you use to sign in to your Yahoo! Account
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I am having this exact same issue, and I just sent a bug report email about it.

I noticed that it only happens using my phone's mobile data connection.  If I connect to Wi-Fi, the problem goes away.

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Kostya Vasilyev

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Here is a workaround I discovered...

- Open Yahoo web mail, log in, then log out
- Restart the browser
- Open Yahoo web mail again, log back in

This resolved a similar issue (auth failure, error code OCF12) when both my app and stock Android Email 4.2 ran into it.

It might also help to change the incoming server from "" to just "".

( stock Email uses the former, K-9 uses the latter... both should work in theory, and I'm not sure what the difference is, but it's just another thing to try )
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Do you open the Yahoo web mail on the mobile device?  Or can you do it on a laptop computer?

I've tried changing the incoming mail server to "" and that makes no difference.


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Kostya, did you get the debug logs I sent?  Did they help at all?

PM me if you need more info.