Author Topic: Checking multiple messages in the message list  (Read 3936 times)


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Checking multiple messages in the message list
« on: May 13, 2013, 04:01:28 am »
I have a request regarding the behavior of checking multiple messages in the message list.

Right now, if you check a message (using the check box on the left of the row), the message list goes into "multiple selection mode". To select additional messages, you need to check their respective checkboxes. On smaller screens, this is a little cumbersome (difficult) to pin-point that tap target. It would be great if after selecting the first checkbox, you can simply click anywhere on the row of other messages to check them. K9 behaves like this if you want to see how it works (but don't worry, I'm switching to Aqua mail, it's far superior in many other areas!)

Thanks for the consideration of this change (it could even be an optional behavior for people that prefer to keep it the way it is now).