Author Topic: Disable Poll and Push when on low network  (Read 3978 times)


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Disable Poll and Push when on low network
« on: April 30, 2013, 02:38:01 am »
Well me again with a wish.
It is cool that AM checks the network situation and stops acting when no network is detected (Network settings).
Could you please extend this to check if there is Edge, 3G, H, etc. so that for example we can tell AM to stop all activity when there is only a Edge connection? I mostly have H or more, but in some places where i stay for hours the Edge connection itself is more than bad and AM produces error messages.

I solve this problem in the moment with the Tasker plugin, but there is a problem. When i deactivate Push and Poll via the plugin because Tasker detects only a Edge connection and AM is just in this moment checking, poll or push is NOT stopping. Contrary it is going on and on.  Also when trying to send an email and network changes to Edge it tries to send and send and send. The result in my case
AG is running 1h40 m of 5hs which my phone is up and producing 220 wakelocks. So my request is some kind of reasonable (i think) :)

So there may two solutions:
1. Implement this in the Network Settings
2. the function to force stop of Pull and Push in the Tasker plugin.

What do you think?
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