Author Topic: embed links in text rather than entire URL  (Read 3654 times)


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embed links in text rather than entire URL
« on: April 22, 2013, 10:59:41 am »
I was using Kaiten on my tablet and was fairly happy with it until it developed a problem that only applied to Asus Transformers. While they are working on a fix, I needed a decent email app and found yours. I mostly love it, especially the ability to send email to predefined contact groups. No other app I could find has that feature, including Kaiten. I found a workaround involving drafts, but it was still a PITA.

My only complaint about your wonderful app is that I cannot embed a link in a short phrase instead of copying in the entire URL. Some URLs can be very long. Kaiten has this ability. If you could add that feature, I will not try Kaiten again when it is fixed, even if they add the ability to send to groups.

Grant my wish and I am yours forever and will tell all my friends with tablets to give your marvelous app a try!

Thank you for your hard work andwonderful app!