Author Topic: Message Filters/Rules (ala Thunderbird or ProfiMail)  (Read 4231 times)


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Message Filters/Rules (ala Thunderbird or ProfiMail)
« on: April 19, 2013, 12:34:13 am »
Do you have any plans to add message filters/rules?  I get a a ridiculous amount of mail and find the ability to automatically colorize a message in the message list view based on its headers to be very helpful in not missing the important ones.  For example in Thunderbird, I have rules that set the text color of a message in the list based on the to, cc, and subject headers.   (Thunderbird uses bold/non-bold text to indicate unread status.) 

I found the ProfiMail has similar functionality but I also find AquaMail generally superior!

Thank you for a great App.