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How do I... / Pro license on new phone
« Last post by Sowsow on October 16, 2019, 08:36:04 pm »
I am using a temporary phone whilst mine is fixed and I bought a pro license years ago (maybe over 5 years ago).

I have tried the following:
- I can't download the unlocker anymore through google play, that is how it used to work
- I downloaded from a link in this forum the Aquamail PayPro Key app, on checking license it says I have no license
- I have tried searching the forum for other answers but can't find any
- Finally I have emailed support but not received a response

Does anyone know how to get an old license working again?
How do I... / Search does not include the Deleted/Trash folder
« Last post by morph on October 16, 2019, 06:03:07 pm »
When searching for text using the main search option from the Smart Folders front page, it seems not to include the Deleted or Trash folders by default.  It does search all other folders OK.  If you specifically select the Deleted folder and search, more items come up, so it can search that folder but only if selected seperately. 

Is there a way to include Deleted/Trash in the list of folders to search (same as Outlook or others).  If not, please consider this a feature?

How do I... / New message in new window
« Last post by ukpicasso on October 15, 2019, 06:01:47 pm »
Is there any way to set up Aqua Mail so when I choose to compose new email or reply it will pop up in new window? I could see than any other emails in the background and copy paste inbetween. This is default feature in Nine email app.
Bug reports / [Tasker] The application doesn't trigger with all new emails
« Last post by dix93 on October 13, 2019, 10:21:40 am »
I configured a Tasker profile that is activated each new email (with a specific object), and then sends an SMS.
The problem is that if I get two email in a short time (about 1 minute), only the last email is read from the Tasker profile. So a single text message is sent.

This seems a bug of the app. Is there any way to solve?
How do I... / Reflecting deleted mails on the server
« Last post by rebel on October 11, 2019, 02:03:38 pm »
Hi, if I delete a mail on the (Exchange) server, AquaMail still shows it in the list, independent of how many times I try to Refresh the mail index. I have not found any settings which would alter that behavior, how do reflect the server state in the client?
How do I... / Samsung Gear
« Last post by Countbasic on October 11, 2019, 08:55:50 am »
Hi @all,
i know there is a thread here (but from 2014!!!) wich hasn't solved my problem and btw. it's another topic

Is there any way to show the content of my mails on my "Samsung Gear S3" (Frontier&Calssic) watches and "Gear Fit 2 Pro"...i'm  just able to see a notification and how many new mails per account, sadly i'm only able to push button is "see on phone" or "block app"
..see attachment picture :( but sadly no content (other clients spike/spark i tested just to see if it generally works do, but they are ...ehmmm..crap!)

I played around in aquamail smartphone settings and so on, but couldn't get it working at all

i got a Samasung Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Frontier and a Gear Fit 2 Pro on (all watches up to date with tizen) an Xiaomi Mi MAX3 (Android 9)

I really love aquamail for a few years now...tbt 4me it's THE BEST mailclient out there and reading mails on my watch while in a meeting (just to see if its important or not) would be the TOP feature

hope you can help me

regards Count
How do I... / Re: How to confirm Pro license without paying again?
« Last post by davydm on October 09, 2019, 07:24:13 am »
I'm having exactly the same problem as of last night. I'm quite sure that I bought my license through Google play store. I've been an aquamail pro user for literally years, and now I get this rubbish ):
Development builds / Re: Version - Beta version on Google Play
« Last post by hpg38 on October 08, 2019, 11:50:27 am »
Unfortunately still the same problem regarding notifications on xiaomi with MIUI10...
Development builds / Re: Version - Beta version on Google Play
« Last post by hpg38 on October 08, 2019, 11:38:46 am »
super Nadejda! I take

Here is a link to the latest beta version
The build contains a fix related to the licensing on Android 9

I have just uploaded the latest build of Aqua Mail as a beta version on Google Play.

This version includes the following changes:
 + Optimized for Android 9 Pie
 + New setting added in the 'Composing and sending' section which handles the encoding in some Yahoo accounts (This issue was reported by our users)
 + Several bug fixes - One crash from Google Play and one crash while syncing Exchange calendar
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