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Title: How to Paste Rich Text into Quick Response Templates?
Post by: harekrishna on November 29, 2019, 08:15:43 pm
I have some existing rich text email formats which I would like to paste into quick response templates.

In this way, my email responses to customers will look much more snappy and professional.

Whenever I tried to paste the rich text into a quick response template, the initial preview does show my original rich text bold, italics, font colors, etc.

But as soon as I click on "save" , it seems that aquamail strips out all my rich text completely. Instead, it just leaves generic text using the default font and color. None of my fancy formatting is there anymore!

What should I do differently, in order to save my rich text email formats to use as templates in Aquamail?

( I have around 20 different email rich text formats, and would like to use them all for my Aquamail Quck Responses)