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Title: More info, sort of, on not seeting new posts
Post by: bernie on April 28, 2019, 09:47:34 pm
This happens to me five or six times a day -- I wonder why I haven't gotten any email in the last hour or whatever, I try forcing a sync from the inbox window and it consistently says "No messages".   so I send myself an email and wait a few seconds and then force a sync and I get a big batch of backed up messages [I can tell they were backed-up because I look at the received-by time stamps and I know how long ago the messages were put into my mailbox on the server].

I turned logs on this morning but I cannot figure them out at all.  Aqua logs a lot of stuff -- 31,000+ lines of logfile [over 3 megs] in just 2 and a half hours.   [but it says something about the problem that in less than 3 hrs Aqua was already missing picking up waiting email!].  I'm loathe to attach something that big here, but I'll be glad to do that if there is info in the logfile that might illuminate why Aqua says "no messages" when there are, in fact, nine or ten waiting.  Alternatively, if someone can tell me what to look for or how to trim the logfile down to a reasonable size I'll be happy to do that.  Thanks!!

Title: Re: More info, sort of, on not seeting new posts
Post by: Nadejda Fudulska, MobiSystems, AquaMail support on May 10, 2019, 11:36:22 am

Please send us a debug log at support @ aqua-mail . com to check the issue.

Creating a log if something doesn’t work right
In the application’s settings, open "Debug" section (at the bottom) and enable “Debug logging” there. Set “Log output location” to “File (log-AquaMail.txt)”. You will need to enable “Log raw data (include raw session data)” most of the time, if the issue is related to specific message(s) or account(s).

Once logging is enabled, please repeat whatever was causing the issue.

After having done this, please send the log file to support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com (and disable logging afterwards). The log file is called log-AquaMail.txt and is stored at the root of your device’s memory card or large built-in storage.

Attaching logs is easy: there is a menu item for this in the compose window (last one, "Diag: attach logs"), available while logging is still enabled.

The log does not contain your email account passwords.

Thank you,

Title: Re: More info, sort of, on not seeting new posts
Post by: bernie on July 23, 2019, 04:28:58 am
Sorry for the delay -- I'm still messing with the debug-log stuff.  The problem doesn't show up predictably and Aqua generally works perfectly.  what I think I'll do is just turn on logging and leave it running [maybe reset it every 50 megs or something] until it catches the problem happening.   [the snag is that the problem happens when nothing is happening, not when I *do* something.

I did have an insight that I think might help me be cleverer about catching it: it looks like what is happening is that Aqua *isn't*polling*.  I've mentioned that if I send myself a message that seems to "unblock" the pipe, but I've been thinking that it isn't the arrival of the new message [on top of the dozen pending ones] but the *sending*, which sorta resets the network machinery.


Title: Re: More info, sort of, on not seeting new posts
Post by: bernie on July 26, 2019, 01:20:48 am
I've managed to catch it!!   I"ve just mailed you the logfile.   The situation was that Aqua was running, but I hadn't messed with it for a while.  I refreshed.  nothing... refreshed... nothing..etc.   sent myself an empty message.  refresh... nothing  refresh -- an hour's-worth of email appeared [looking as though it got "pushed out" by my message to myself.    /bernie\