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Introducing Aqua Mail – professionals’ most reliable partner for secure email communication on Android devices

Aqua Mail, the most customizable email client for Android, has recently upgraded its Pro Features by adding S/MIME End-to-end encryption functionality.

Aqua Mail, the most customizable email client for Android, has recently upgraded its Pro Features by adding S/MIME End-to-end encryption functionality. Now users can easily secure their personal or corporate communication by preventing email attacks and data leaks directly from their smartphone or tablet.

S/MIME is a popular open standard for end-to-end encryption that facilitates secure email communication between the sender and the recipient while the email is in transit. It has two key features – digital signing and encryption. The Digital signature certifies the authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of the message. Encryption, on the other side, provides confidentiality for both in-transit and at-rest data. S/MIME certificate can be purchased from various verified Certificate Authorities and easily installed in Aqua Mail.

The email client provides easy onboarding and automatic setup for popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL and more. It also supports email accounts hosted by Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange or any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox. The user interface is intuitive and practical. With its more than 300 settings, Aqua Mail is the most customizable app that helps to connect and manage multiple email accounts from one fast, seamless mailbox with complete transparency and control over users’ privacy. Everything from the app’s layout, color theme, message list, and message view down to font size and mail separators, can be personalized. Notifications, scheduling, appearance, and operating settings are also available per account. All settings can be backed up and restored via popular cloud services.

One of Aqua Mail’s unique features is its Smart Folder which unifies all messages from different accounts and allows priority selection by type, time, or date. Among the advanced functionalities are Contacts and Calendar sync for Exchange and Office 365, Rich text editor, save emails as PDF, home screen widgets, battery saving options, signature support (including HTML signature), and many more.

Available in 20 languages, Aqua Mail offers seamless inbox management, effective support, and frequent updates, focusing on quality and performance. The email client puts privacy first – it is intentionally created not to collect and store passwords, emails, or private message content. Security and confidentiality are top priorities. Along with S/MIME, integration of the latest encryption protocols – SSL hardening, SSL certificate tracking, and DKIM and SPF validation provides extra layers of protection.

The basic plan of Aqua Mail is free. A monthly or annual subscription unlocks the full potential of the Pro version. It includes powerful features such as unlimited accounts, End-to-end encryption, Push for exchange, email identities, moving messages between folders, open and save EML files, priority notifications, deleting folders, and removing ads. Aqua Mail for Android is available on Google Play Store. The email app’s website is currently in development.

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