Press Kit

Aqua Mail’s brand new video scratches the surface of endless email possibilities and customization

Combining all necessary and intuitive features to organize our inbox, Aqua Mail is the most customizable email client for personal or professional use on Android devices. It gives us the power to operate our entire mail communication flawlessly. It connects us with colleagues, prospects, friends, or family from all accounts in one app and thus staying on top of our busy day.

Communication and productivity are often based on the way we organize our schedule, but most importantly on things that help us perform better and feel comfortable while working. Aqua Mail is everything we need from an email client. It’s lightweight, smart, secure, and super customizable.

Like every good thing in life, tailoring the app to our needs takes time. But the satisfaction from the result exceeds any effort.

Aqua Mail is not just for reading, sending, and deleting emails. It’s much more. Now is the time to change email and make it looks and operates as we like it. Download Aqua Mail from Google Play Store now and discover the Aquaverse of endless possibilities.