First, please check the frequently asked questions, with answers.

Second, there is a forum here on this site. You can search it without registering; there is some good info there.

If you run into a crash

Crashes are automatically recorded in a crash log, called log-AquaMail-crash.txt and located at the root of your device’s memory card.

Please send it as an attachment to support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com .

This file does not contain any logins or passwords or message text.

Creating a log if something doesn’t work right

In the application’s settings, open “Debug” section (at the bottom) and enable “Debug logging” there. Set “Log output location” to “File (log-AquaMail.txt)”. You will need to enable “Log raw data (include raw session data)” most of the time, if the issue is related to specific message(s) or account(s).

Once logging is enabled, please repeat whatever was causing the issue.

After having done this, please send the log file to support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com (and disable logging afterwards). The log file is called log-AquaMail.txt and is stored at the root of your device’s memory card or large built-in storage.

Attaching logs is easy: there is a menu item for this in the compose window (last one, “Diag: attach logs”), available while logging is still enabled.

The log does not contain your email account passwords.

If you run into an issue with your Pro license verification

You can contact us at support / at sign / aqua-mail / dot com .

Occasionally the unlocker reports “No response from Google Play licensing server”.

First, this can happen if you copied the Unlocker from another device, using Titanium Backup or similar. To fix, just reinstall the Unlocker from Google Play (it should not ask you to pay again).

Other than that, it’s a bug on Google’s side, is known affect other apps, but is going unfixed since about April/May 2012. There is a workaround, please contact us at the email above.