Both versions of the base app and the unlocker key work with each other (a good combination: base app from Play, Unlocker from PayPro, purchased with PayPal).

Google Play

Base application:version 1.8.1-193
Unlocker key: version 1.0.21-77
The add-on for Sony SmartWatch MN2 and SW2: version 1.0.6

Direct download

Base application (with direct purchase link and its own update checker):version 1.7.2-125

Direct purchase

PayPro Global (PayPal, credit cards): Order page
The Unlocker app for PayPro Global: version 1.0.21-79
The PayPro unlocker now works from continental China, automatically.

A small app to reset “stuck” unread counter badge on Samsung devices

TouchWizBadgeResetversion 1.0

Older versions, compatible with Android 2.1+

Google Play version:version
PayPro version:version