The Pro version’s advantages

  • Supports more than two accounts
  • Push mail for Exchange (corporate mail) accounts
  • Supports per-account identities (aliases)
  • Does not add a promo signature to sent messages

You can upgrade to the Pro version by purchasing an Unlocker Key application.

Upgrading preserves all accounts, folders, messages, settings.

Two ways to download and install the base, free application

You’ll be notified of application updates either way, but quite possibly, it’s more convenient to let Google Play handle it.

Two ways to purchase an Unlocker

  • On Google Play. This is recommended.
  • Without Google Play, you can purchase the unlocker key from PayPro Global, a Canadian e-commerce company. They offer several payment options, including PayPal.


Either unlocker works with either version of the base application. A convenient combo: base app from Google Play (for update notifications), unlocker from PayPro Global.

More on purchasing the key on Google Play

Google will store your purchase on their servers, forever.

If/when you switch or reset your device, please configure it with the same account (in system settings / accounts) as you originally used to to purchase the unlocker.

This will make the unlocker and other previously purchased apps show in the Google Play app (under My apps) as “purchased”, so you won’t have to pay again. You can use the unlocker on multiple devices the same way, by configuring them all with the same account.

Please install the base, free app first, and then the unlocker. Run the unlocker to activate the free app to “pro” status.

More on purchasing the key from PayPro Global

When placing the order, you’ll be asked to enter an email address that’s set up either in AquaMail or in your device’s Account settings. This email address will be used by AquaMail for license verification. Please be sure to configure it’s configured in the main AquaMail app or in the device’s Account settings before activating.

After the order is processed, you’ll receive an automated email that contains a link to the Unlocker Key application. Please install and run it to activate your Pro license. The unlocker is also available on the download page.

Each license purchased through PayPro Global can be activated up to 10 times after resetting / flashing your device or switching to a new one. Should you need more, please contact us at support/ at sign / aqua-mail / dot-com.

If you re-flash or reset your devices often, you might want to purchase a separate unlocker license for each one. In this case, when running the unlocker application, please enter the respective license number that you’ve designated for the device.

The PayPro unlocker automatically works from continental China as of version 1.0.8 from July 1, 2013.

Only licenses purchased via PayPro Global are limited to 10 activations (more can be added upon request). The unlocker key purchased on Google Play can activated as many times as needed.