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App not fetching all recent messages from Hotmail?

Symptoms: a Hotmail account shows a few very recent messages, and then there is a large “gap” to 2013 or something.

A known issue that seems to come up pretty often in @hotmail / @outlook accounts.

I guess it’s their ongoing “migration to new servers” (they’ve been moving all accounts to “new servers” since a few months, gradually).

Please try this:

– Long press on the account (on the app’s main screen) -> options and folders -> account options.

– Change the “messages to sync” setting from a number based value (“25
messages” etc.) to a date range based value (“last 7 days”, etc.)

– Back out and refresh the account

The FAQ has screenshots of the setting, if you search it for “Hotmail”.

Oh and if you don’t make any changes, then any messages received since the “migration” should be fetched and sorted correctly, at the top of the message list, so that may be a viable option too (and certainly easiest, not doing anything at all).


This update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Bug fixes.

+ Bug fixes / changes in the code that highlights URLs / phone numbers / emails in message content.

+ In addition, this highlighting is now *not* applied inside <pre> tags.

+ OAUTH2 authentication for Yandex.

+ Tasker: the plugin now returns data from all matching messages, as arrays (not just one).

+ If you use the “start the app in” (smart folder or a folder) and also use the app’s “message counter” widget, please see the FAQ near the end, there was a change.


This update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ A help screen for “undo instead of confirmations”.

+ When using “dark with light messages” theme – the message editor is now light too.

+ Updated widget sizes (“message counters” widgets).

+ New icons and a few other touch-ups (for material theme).

+ “Muted” colors for color chips (contacts). Settings -> message list.


The update is currently visible from 1% of all devices. The %% will increase as I fix any discovered issues and will eventually reach 100%.

+ Undo for message deletions and similar actions. Settings -> Confirmations and undo.

+ “Replace contact names”, app settings -> Contacts.

+ Exchange: now possible to “accept” invites without sending a response.

+ Calendar invite previews: show other events from the invite’s day.

+ Contact images in message list widget, app settings -> widgets, defaults to enabled on Android 5.0+.

+ Message editor: new feature, background (fill) color.

+ OAUTH2 authentication for Hotmail. To switch an already existing account, check mail there once, then long press (the account) -> account setup.

+ Made possible to cache attachments (not save) on the microSd memory card. Android 5.0+, app settings -> look and feel.

+ Conversations: made possible to combine messages by sender and subject even if otherwise unrelated. App settings -> conversations.

+ Per-folder “do not notify” setting (for incoming type folders which are set to check mail).

+ Message search “by sender only” (in addition to “by headers and text” and “by headers only”).

+ Better search results performance (all messages search, smart folder search).

+ Settings -> message list -> separate settings for “when and size color”, for unread and read messages.

+ Gmail: made possible for system accounts to perform OAUTH2 authentication via Google’s web site, avoiding issues with Google Play Services.

+ Per-message star indicators in message list widget, app settings -> widgets, disabled by default.

+ The message date header in message lists can be made “sticky”. Settings -> Message list.

+ Expanded conversations can be sorted in reverse. Settings -> Conversations.

+ Android 6+: redesigned the screen for excluding the app from “battery optimizations”.

+ Priority notifications (5.0+) now don’t require vibration.

+ New translation: Swedish (Svenska), thank you Magnus Gunnarsson.

+ Samsung Gear support can be turned off, app settings -> Message notifications.


+ Improved Samsung Gear smart watch compatibility, requires Samsung’s official Gear app.

Google Play link:

+ Bug fixes, translation updates.

If you are unable to update, pressing the Update button in Play does nothing:

Please bring up the app’s settings -> mail, receiving -> turn off IMAP Push.

Then try updating.

And then you can re-enable push again.

It appears that Play since recently has some twisted logic where it — presumably — won’t update an app which has a notification showing (or some such, I’m still working it out).

Update: someone wrote that he had this issue with another app, and that pressing “Update All” in Google Play (instead of “Update” for that one app) worked.