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Apple (iCloud) accounts require using application specific passwords

Starting June 15 2017, Apple started requiring that any apps accessing Apple accounts (including mail on iCloud) – need to use “application specific passwords”.

Trying to use the account’s “master” password will result in login errors.

And so, please:

1 – Generate an “application specific password” for Aqua Mail as explained in this article on Apple’s support site.

2 – Use the generated password in Aqua Mail.

– When adding an account into Aqua Mail for the first time, please just enter the new application specific password.

– For an account already existing in Aqua Mail, please long press on it (the account) on the app’s main screen -> account setup -> update the password -> tap Next to validate and save.

MacWorld has a nice step by step guide with screenshots.

Version 1.10.0-403

The update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Yahoo: “more secure” login method (OAUTH2). To convert an existing account, long press on it -> Account setup.

+ Exchange contacts: groups.

+ Samsung S8: use full screen height.

+ New setting: FAB (big round button) color.

Version 1.9.1-360

We have just submitted a new version on Google Play which includes the following fixes:

+ Fixed “three dots” (Menu) icon not showing on some phones.

+ Fixed automatic setup of AOL accounts.

Version 1.9.0-351

The update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Exchange: Contacts sync (with Contacts app).

+ Updated design: Message view and new “Add Аccount” screen

+ Updated design: navigation drawer is now over the window title (Material Design).

Version 1.8.2-216

The update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Option to turn off both contact images and checkboxes – Settings -> Message list
+ Pure black theme background for dark themes – Settings -> Look and feel
+ Fixed: with “contact images” ON (default settings), expanded threads are supposed to have checkboxes, and they didn’t
+ Small adjustments in message list: font sizes and “slim padding” when enabled
+ Slightly smaller “select to tap” area when both “contact images” and “checkboxes” are off.