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Version 1.8.1-193

The update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Refreshed app design with a new Aqua Mail icon!
+ Android 6+ permissions (Calendar, Contacts, Storage) are only requested when needed
+ Get more done with our updated and modern UI
+ Improved Message list
+ Revamped Compose screen
+ With “thin fonts” enabled (default) and Samsung’s custom fonts (Rosemary, Samsung Sans, etc.) enabled -> “bold” text items in message list were not actually bold. Fixed.

Version 1.7.2-121

The update is visible to all users and from all phones.

+ Bug fixes, improvements.
+ Translation updates.

Version 1.7.1-88

The update is visible to all users and from all phones.

+ Push mail for Exchange. Requires Google Play Services. Aqua Mail Pro version only.

+ Android 7: multi-window support, the app automatically switches between two panel and single panel mode.

+ Search on settings screen.

+ Adding attachments (from other apps) on the compose screen has been redone.

+ Message view -> Menu -> send to Google Translate.

+ An easier way to swipe for commands in message lists: app settings -> swiping -> sticky icons.

+ Android 7: now possible to turn off the “reply” icon in notifications: settings -> message notifications -> action buttons.

+ New window layout: settings -> look and feel -> enable “two panel UI” and set “portrait mode” below to “single panel, full screen”.

+ Settings screens on tablets now use a side by side two panel layout.

+ Per-account setting for “priority by default” when composing a message.

+ Per-account setting for “CC to self” when composing (like the existing “BCC to self”).

+ App settings has a new section with a list of recently changed settings items.

+ Settings -> look and feel -> “delete old cached attachments”.

+ The account list panel can have text labels, settings -> look and feel.

+ Settings -> message list -> can turn off dividers (between messages)

+ “Push on WiFi only” moved from app settings to account “options and folders”.

+ Added “unread count badge on app icon” for Huawei (5.0+).

Aqua Mail is now part of the MobiSystems family

MobiSystems is proud to announce that Aqua Mail is joining its family of productivity and business apps.

Please see the full announcement for details.

I (Kostya Vasilyev) will remain involved in the project.

Yahoo blocking “less secure” mail apps

What Yahoo calls “less secure” is just the good old fashioned “password based” login – where a mail app sends your password to Yahoo’s servers, over an encrypted network connection.

This is how it’s worked for years and years, with pretty much all mail providers.

Now, the new tech, called OAUTH2, is more secure (it doesn’t need to send the passwords to the mail servers at all), but it doesn’t mean that passwords are suddently not secure.

And this is the cherry on top:

Even though Yahoo started enforcing OAUTH2 –

– they still have not provided a way to make mail apps support their requirements.

There are numerous messages on their developer support forums, even from someone at Samsung it seems – and no response whatsoever.

And therefore, for now, the only way to use Yahoo mail with any third party app, is to re-enable “access from less secure apps”.

( the only exceptions seem to be the Gmail app and the Outlook app, well, they probably knew who to call )

Please follow this support article, the relevant link is near the end:

PS: AquaMail already supports OAUTH2 for GMail, Hotmail and Yandex.

These companies have provided the relevant technical info on making it work. Yahoo, however, does not seem capable or willing.