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Version 1.9.0-314-dev “beta”

+ Design: navigation drawer now opens over the action bar (Material Design).

+ Other design changes including new widget icons.

+ Bug fixes including in Exchange contact sync.

+ Exchange: contacts sync (with Contacts app).

+ Updated design: add account, message view.

A Google Play “beta” version, visible only if you sign up (opt in) at the link below:

Version 1.8.2-216

The update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Option to turn off both contact images and checkboxes – Settings -> Message list
+ Pure black theme background for dark themes – Settings -> Look and feel
+ Fixed: with “contact images” ON (default settings), expanded threads are supposed to have checkboxes, and they didn’t
+ Small adjustments in message list: font sizes and “slim padding” when enabled
+ Slightly smaller “select to tap” area when both “contact images” and “checkboxes” are off.

Version 1.8.1-193

The update is visible to all users and from all devices.

+ Refreshed app design with a new Aqua Mail icon!
+ Android 6+ permissions (Calendar, Contacts, Storage) are only requested when needed
+ Get more done with our updated and modern UI
+ Improved Message list
+ Revamped Compose screen
+ With “thin fonts” enabled (default) and Samsung’s custom fonts (Rosemary, Samsung Sans, etc.) enabled -> “bold” text items in message list were not actually bold. Fixed.

Version 1.7.2-121

The update is visible to all users and from all phones.

+ Bug fixes, improvements.
+ Translation updates.

Version 1.7.1-88

The update is visible to all users and from all phones.

+ Push mail for Exchange. Requires Google Play Services. Aqua Mail Pro version only.

+ Android 7: multi-window support, the app automatically switches between two panel and single panel mode.

+ Search on settings screen.

+ Adding attachments (from other apps) on the compose screen has been redone.

+ Message view -> Menu -> send to Google Translate.

+ An easier way to swipe for commands in message lists: app settings -> swiping -> sticky icons.

+ Android 7: now possible to turn off the “reply” icon in notifications: settings -> message notifications -> action buttons.

+ New window layout: settings -> look and feel -> enable “two panel UI” and set “portrait mode” below to “single panel, full screen”.

+ Settings screens on tablets now use a side by side two panel layout.

+ Per-account setting for “priority by default” when composing a message.

+ Per-account setting for “CC to self” when composing (like the existing “BCC to self”).

+ App settings has a new section with a list of recently changed settings items.

+ Settings -> look and feel -> “delete old cached attachments”.

+ The account list panel can have text labels, settings -> look and feel.

+ Settings -> message list -> can turn off dividers (between messages)

+ “Push on WiFi only” moved from app settings to account “options and folders”.

+ Added “unread count badge on app icon” for Huawei (5.0+).